About us

BMA. Berlin Medical Agency GmbH

The founders of the Berlin Medical Agency have been aiding those seeking medical treatment or advice for four years. Our clients come from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and other countries of Eastern Europe and Asia. They chose clinics in foreign countries because they are not able to receive appropriate medical treatment in their countries of residence.

We pursue the goal of finding the right health facility for each patient, help him/her sign an agreement with the clinic and adapt to the new and unknown environment upon his/her actual arrival. We are cooperating with clinics in Germany, Israel and the USA.

The company’s activities are as follows:

-        Intermediary function in provision of health services to foreign patients, patients’ care and treatment management and coordination

The medical plan is put together in cooperation with the clinic specialists; afterwards it is explained to the patient.

-        Patient escort services

All the logistics prior to and after the patient’s arrival at the clinic, and the patient’s and his/her family stay in the foreign country is organized by our company. Our coordinator stays in the country for the whole course of the medical treatment and supervises the patient and his/her family, interprets, serves as an intermediary in the process of communication between the patient and the clinic, solves all upcoming problems, allowing the clinic to only deal with issues of its immediate expertise – that is medical issues.

-        Agent services for clinics

-        Promotion of clinics’ services (marketing, advertising, PR)

-        Trainings and workshops for clinics’ International Departments (study of the East- European market, psychological aspects of this work)

-        Consultations in relation to coordination and provision of health services -      Information services for the above activities

Our primary health care areas:

- Heart, lung transplantation

- Bone marrow transplantation

- Oncology

- Stem cell therapy

These health areas have become our priority due to a number of key reasons. First of all, the countries we are dealing with are not able to meet their patients’ needs in treating these health cases. Second of all, families of patients might not have access to the information that could give them a comprehensive view of the subject and provide highlights on all the world’s leading clinics. Often families spend months, looking for the right health facility and many more months negotiating with it, which does not necessarily lead to positive results. Escort and supervision that families need in case of a long-term treatment (3 months to a year and a half) is another critical reason. Last but not least, we focus on the health areas, mentioned above, as the demand for assistance in these fields has recently tripled.

Our company has a large experience of working with Israeli Ichilov Medical Center (Tel-Aviv). The last year has seen a rapid development of the German clinics market. Our patients are being treated at the University Clinic of Schleswig-Holstein in Lübeck and at various Clinics in Berlin.

Our company organizes targeting advertising and PR campaigns in order to attract new patients, cooperates with health ministries of Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and the Ukraine. At present our employees in Israel, Germany and Russia process about 50 inquiries per month.

We are happy to say that our services have contributed to our good reputation both in the eyes of our patients and the clinics we work with. Responsibility, full control over the process, appropriate and tolerant attitude towards our patients and to the doctors in our clinics – these are the main principles of our work. Our goal is to see our patients and clinics, satisfied with the results of our work, and not to allow the treatment process to be slowed down or darkened by organizational difficulties.

We shall be happy to offer you our collaboration, both in marketing and promotion of your services and in working together on several concrete cases.